In Amsterdam and many other big cities in The Netherlands are locations were new media and professionals can meet each other. A place like this is missing in Utrecht, and Stichting Medialab Utrecht is founded to make a change in that situation. On the 8th of April a 'pilot' project will start, named SETUP.
For three months SETUP will organize all kinds of events about new/digital media. This will happen in a building of the Dutch Game Garden at De Neude.
This project is not only for the 'new media scene' but we also try to work with this scene. On the website everyone can post their ideas about events and projects, and maybe together we can make in happen!

For this project I'm working together with a group of graphic designers to design the visual identity, a typeface, the setup-magazine and the walk-in magazine.
For the design of the space we used the five key issues of SETUP (Create, Grow, Connect, Expose and Excite) to give an identity to the building of SETUP. I designed together with Nina Westendorp a new pixel-typeface, by using an existing logo of Setup.

Year: 2010
SETUP is a project of Medialab Utrecht
SETUP Utrecht